Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cute Love Quotes for Her

I've managed to create a list of 10 cute love quotes for her to read. I specialize in relationships and enjoy talking about the subject throughout this blog. Looking for beautiful words to share with that cute girl in your life? Then you'd find some pretty good quotes that has really great meaning. I hope you enjoy this section, remember, there is nothing like that sweet gentle phrase that says "i love you".
cute love quotes for her

1. "When I bumped into you I notice that we touched hands then looked into each other eyes and smiled. From that day I began wishing that we bumped into each other a lot more often. I never knew how much I'd love bumping into someone until I met you, but you are the only one I want to ever bump into."

2. "Such a delicacy you are, the girl that I'm in love with. I can only hope that you know that I do, and I can only hope that you feel the same way about me too, but I can only hope."

3. "I want to be with you, rather if its in spirit, body or soul there's nothing in me that is content without you present. You've lit a candle in my life. A flame that I cannot help but focus upon and stare, the kind that blows out but remains on my mind that is imbedded deep within my heart, hidden safe away, always burning."

4. "I may be a rich man right now, but with you by my side I am a very wealthy one, you are worth more than any gold could buy, and can't be bought with any gold for you are a rare diamond that I have been seeking out, that I have finally found."

5. "At the beach, I built you a castle in the sand, now that we are older I want to build you a castle on my land a place we can reside forever, a place we can grow our love."

6. "There is something you should know: You've brought joy into my life, risen me to my maximum potential for my ideology of companionship has changed and so have my conception of love. I'll always have a place in my heart preserved only for you."

7. "There is nothing so pleasing than a sensational kiss from a beautiful woman like you, at a moment when the time is so precious, in a place where the sky is so unique, living in the city where it is crowded on the streets, enjoying each second because it'll be all for keeps. These feelings, longing for your kiss."

8. "There is no pressure greater than time. While time is all we have to lose in this world, love is not, but shared with that special person. For love doesn't have a time stamped upon it, however, showing it to someone that matters to you does. I'm patient for love regardless of time because I'm patient for you."

9. "The passion that I feel for you is the passion I want you to taste, the one I need you to feel, the one I need you to face, the love I desire for you to hold. Embrace me."

10. "I can't help but remember you because I can't help but realize how much potential love I can share with you. My love to you is a must, my love for you is destiny."

11. "Watching the clock during work is something I should not be doing while I'm so in love with you, it shows tension in my body because I long to see you, the kind that puts me on the edge, the kind that challenges me to leave you alone for 2 seconds ever again, gosh....I hate that clock."

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happiness Quotes

1. "Happiness is never gained by hard work, but obtained from understanding."

2. "A poor man is not happy because he is not rich, a poor man isn't happy because he is not satisfied."

3. "You make your own happiness, for no other person can."

4. "Happiness isn't seen on your face, for you keep it hidden in your heart away from others."

5. "Love can make you feel happy or sad, either way it makes you feel."

6. "I have many mixed emotions. The one that I will not take for granted is my happiness."

7. "Happiness is like eating a bucket of ice cream all by yourself, but you never run out of it."

8. "Money in itself doesn't make you happy, it's what money can do for you that makes you happy."

9. "Anything that can be replaced doesn't make you happy, but things that can not does."

10. "We are all born happy until we've learned what makes us sad."

11. "You can't be happy without first being satisfied."

12. "Don't follow the footsteps of a happy man for he have created his own while you still are trying to make that first one. Lift your leg up and create your own footprints, that is where you start."

13. "One thing that is not man made is happiness although the 'word' is the feeling is not."

14. "No person can steal your happiness, for happiness is not material, but spiritual."

15. "The one and only golden rule to happiness is after you've found it never let it go."

16. "You are killing yourself for the pursuit of happiness, instead, pursue that which creates happiness, generosity."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet Love Quotes for Her to Win Her Heart

1. "Be the flower I always wanted, be the flower I'll always keep."

2. "I never counted on just your love, I counted on the truth."

3. "If a man can't rely on love what else can he rely on other than hate when hate is free."

4. "Being strong for love means using one muscle in your body and that is your heart."

5. "If you are a clumsy person you will surely fall in love, but now I am a steady person.....I stand for love."

6. "Your love is like nature, very pure, taking many forms, but always growing."

7. "I couldn't tell you about love, I could only show how you how it feels."

8. "Love is worse than drugs, for you could die from overdose of drugs, but you have to live in hurt because of love, I'd rather die."

9. "You provide the pedals that I love to pluck, and the stem that I love to hold. You are my flower."

10. "You gave me love, now you have my infinite time."

11. "When you hold my hand you are also holding my heart."

12. "Your lips are soft, but your love is tender."

13. "If you were a cup, I'd be the handle that sticks to your side."

14. "When I'm 'in' love with you, you make me feel 'out' of control."

15. "My eyes aren't playing tricks on me, my heart is telling my eyes it's true that you are the one I need."

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Short Love Quotes for Her that I Wrote

1. "When I look into your eyes I see a special person inside with so much to give, one who take so little, but one that has a lot to gain. You have gained my heart because you have lifted my trust in love. You are sweet and most desired."

2. "Nothing is too good, nothing is too great, nothing is too enjoyable, nothing could make me late, nothing can ever make me feel, or nothing could ever help me heal like your precious, tender love."

3. "When I think how comforting your love can be I think how a simple kiss from you would be worth a thousand hugs. A thousand hugs may take a lifetime to give, but I'm willing to spend every second, every minute, and every hour of every single day giving each one away to you."

4. "People wonder why I smile when I'm asleep, it is because you were in my dreams. They also wonder why would I frown when I'm awake, it is because you were only available in my dreams, until you showed up in this reality, in my life.......that is when I smiled, a smile you created, a smile that has meaning, a smile that is created because of your existence."

5. "When love seemed so complicated you made is so simple, so exciting, so dear, so pleasant. I didn't just feel this from the care you gave, but the you comfort you shared."

6. "You've brought me light, where there was only darkness, warmed my heart, where coldness had existed, opened my eyes when they were closed, If you had not come, your love, I would have never known."

7. "My love for you haven't and never will be measured by the beauty of your face or body, but the uniqueness of your heart. A heart that only beats a rhythm that I hear, the rhythm that I love."

8. "Saying goodbye to you was never my plan after I had said hello to you. It was saying 'when can we meet again', that's what is on my mind every time we meet."

9. "I can't say that I've fallen in love with you right now because I had already fallen in love with you when we first met, when I first laid eyes upon your cute face, your smile had brighten up my day so much that I could see flashes of it after nightfall, the fall within nights that I wish you were there."

10. "I couldn't imagine being alive without seeing your smile, hearing your laughter, wiping your tears away, or holding you in my arms til daybreak. I love you, and that is not an illusion."

Cheesy Short Quotes for Her

1. "All three of us are in heart, mind and body in your possession. Take care of them with care."

2. "I don't wish to share you with this world, I wish to create one of our own."

3. "I can never ask you to be something you are not for I wouldn't have chose you in the beginning."

4. "You are better than the sun, because you mainly shine upon me in the morning, you are greater than the night for although I can't see you, I feel you when it's storming."

5. "If you were a seed, I'd be the earth that buries you beneath, The rain that pours among us, that saturates our every being. The blessings of the sun, a love that prepares our growth, we help each other in nature, I'd stand and take this oath."

6. "The strength of my love, doesn't reside on your body, but within my heart, where it's most strong and can't be copied."

7. "When I fell in love, I badly hurt my knees, but it was worth the pain, because you was the one I received."

8. "If love was a bullet a lot of us would have already been dead, instead, love is a tragedy that has an uncertain outcome I dread."

9. "I don't choose you, but like a flower, I picked you."

10. "Nothing will ever come between us, but our lips meeting together, for a lovely lasting kiss."

11. "You are my strength, you are my sight, you are my guide, when I have no light."

12. "It feels like I'm on a vacation when you are around, I'd like to stay on this vacation forever."

13. "You are the pedals that I pluck, the thorns that I touch, the spores that I sneeze upon, the rose that I love so much."

14. "Your fire burnt me, a mark that can not be moved, a scar that I'm baring, a love that will never be soothed."

15. "Passion isn't what you felt about me, love is what you gave me."

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