Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happiness Quotes

1. "Happiness is never gained by hard work, but obtained from understanding."

2. "A poor man is not happy because he is not rich, a poor man isn't happy because he is not satisfied."

3. "You make your own happiness, for no other person can."

4. "Happiness isn't seen on your face, for you keep it hidden in your heart away from others."

5. "Love can make you feel happy or sad, either way it makes you feel."

6. "I have many mixed emotions. The one that I will not take for granted is my happiness."

7. "Happiness is like eating a bucket of ice cream all by yourself, but you never run out of it."

8. "Money in itself doesn't make you happy, it's what money can do for you that makes you happy."

9. "Anything that can be replaced doesn't make you happy, but things that can not does."

10. "We are all born happy until we've learned what makes us sad."

11. "You can't be happy without first being satisfied."

12. "Don't follow the footsteps of a happy man for he have created his own while you still are trying to make that first one. Lift your leg up and create your own footprints, that is where you start."

13. "One thing that is not man made is happiness although the 'word' is the feeling is not."

14. "No person can steal your happiness, for happiness is not material, but spiritual."

15. "The one and only golden rule to happiness is after you've found it never let it go."

16. "You are killing yourself for the pursuit of happiness, instead, pursue that which creates happiness, generosity."