Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet Love Quotes for Her to Win Her Heart

1. "Be the flower I always wanted, be the flower I'll always keep."

2. "I never counted on just your love, I counted on the truth."

3. "If a man can't rely on love what else can he rely on other than hate when hate is free."

4. "Being strong for love means using one muscle in your body and that is your heart."

5. "If you are a clumsy person you will surely fall in love, but now I am a steady person.....I stand for love."

6. "Your love is like nature, very pure, taking many forms, but always growing."

7. "I couldn't tell you about love, I could only show how you how it feels."

8. "Love is worse than drugs, for you could die from overdose of drugs, but you have to live in hurt because of love, I'd rather die."

9. "You provide the pedals that I love to pluck, and the stem that I love to hold. You are my flower."

10. "You gave me love, now you have my infinite time."

11. "When you hold my hand you are also holding my heart."

12. "Your lips are soft, but your love is tender."

13. "If you were a cup, I'd be the handle that sticks to your side."

14. "When I'm 'in' love with you, you make me feel 'out' of control."

15. "My eyes aren't playing tricks on me, my heart is telling my eyes it's true that you are the one I need."

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